Lyn Ronald

Lyn Ronald  

What can I say about Heart to Heart and Aggie and her team?  Not nearly enough.

I was first in contact with Aggie when she met my Mom and Mom was starting to have challenges.  Aggie contacted me (as I live 5 hours away from Kingston) to advise of the services she could offer.  I had been concerned about my Mom going to the doctor on her own, as I received vague responses about the appointments and Mom was not always able to ask the right questions or get answers.  So I engaged Heart to Heart to go with Mom to one such appointment and was very pleased with the results.

I subsequently spoke with Aggie about getting Mom into a nursing home and it was quite apparent she knew her way around the system (something most of us do not encounter until such a time).  Aggie was very helpful in explaining how things worked, who to contact and what were the next steps.

As I was working on getting my mother into a nursing home, my Mom had yet another fall and ended up in emergency in hospital.  Speaking with the doctors they advised she was OK and nothing was broken and they would send her back to her residence.  However, once they did I received a call from the residence administrators advising Mom could not move and was very uncomfortable (Mom was in an independent living residence – no nurses or caregivers).  Aggie to the rescue!  I called Aggie and she had one of her staff visit Mom immediately, assess the situation and advise me she could not stay on her own.  As I requested, she even called 911 and had her returned to the hospital. 

I arrived in Kingston the next day, but not before making arrangements to meet with Aggie at the hospital (and this was on a Sunday), and it turned out there was an error and Mom did indeed have fractured ribs and some very nasty cuts etc.  At such times, you can feel very alone trying to make decisions and working your way through the system however once again, Aggie to the rescue.  She arrived at the hospital with the information about having her airlifted to a nursing home near me, who were the contacts how it worked and most of all a plan.  She met with the cases workers (both inside and outside) with me, pushed, prodded and got them to make things happen – quite amazing!  She also helped me to manage around the clock care at Mom’s residence as she needed to be moved out of the hospital, as there were some very nasty viruses circulating there.  Enter Lorraine, one of Aggie’s team, another just amazing lady.  Despite the fact, we were able to get 16 hours of care via the cases workers, Lorraine actually ended up managing the whole 24 hour care thing, instructing the other workers and making sure the best was done for Mom.  She also covered the remaining 8 hours to ensure 24 hour care was complete. 

Aggie and Lorraine continued to manage the situation there as I had to return home and see about the move from this end.  When it seemed the case workers would not support the airlifting of Mom up to here, Aggie even had a very creative solution for that aspect. 

As it was, the stars aligned and there was a vacancy at the nursing home near me and through numerous phone calls on everyone’s part an airlift was agreed to.  Lorraine and Aggie managed the packing part, as what you can bring with you on the plane is very limited, and subsequently Fed-Exed other necessities up here.  Unbelievable, within 6 days of five days of her fall, Mom was ensconced in her new residence and very relieved about it.  I can honestly say it would not have happened without Aggie and her team.

Next on the agenda was the packing and moving of Mom’s belongings in her senior’s residence.  Once again, Aggie to the rescue.  She and I worked diligently and had it ready to go in two days (I had certainly expected it to take much longer).  Aggie even managed the disposal of things to Good Will and other places.  Finally, Aggie even helped when my husband and I returned with a van to do the actual move.  In between, she had dealt with the residence administrators (who were actually very helpful), the mail and the apartment.

It is very readily apparent Aggie has a passion for seniors and their needs.  Not just the practical but also the little things in life that make seniors more comfortable and feel better.  She is nothing short of amazing.  Her tenacity speaks for itself as does her positive approach and calm demeanor in dealing with seniors.  She is also very flexible about giving support in unusual hours.

I would highly recommend Aggie and her team to anyone who needs assistance with a senior.  I was quite prepared (and did) to leave Aggie as my spokesperson when I could not be on site.  In fact, Aggie even provided advice to a friend of mine, despite the fact it was not in an area Aggie could service (Toronto).  It was a great feeling to have someone I could rely on and especially people as knowledgeable and caring as the Heart to Heart team.

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