Pam Frost

Pam Frost  

What Heart to Heart has meant to our family:

My Mom passed away a number of years ago and my Dad needed a place to live other than the cottage. We found a lovely spot in Kingston, half way between Toronto and Montreal where my sister and I were living and near to the family cottage. We thought this was a pretty good arrangement until Dad started to fail; giving up driving and becoming more needy. Then it became very difficult to help him from so far away.


Aggie and the wonderful spirit of “Heart to Heart” came to our rescue. There wasn’t anything Aggie wouldn’t do to help; from simple checking on Dad to doing his laundry, shopping, taking him to doctors appointments even to climbing right into the shower with him if he needed help. Aggie relieved my sister and I from a great deal of worry and, I admit, guilt and she always kept us up-to-date on what was going on or what the doctor had said. Aggie always knew that we would come immediately, if necessary, but she always assured us that all was well and under control and never hesitated to call if she thought there was any issue that we should be aware of.


When my Dad died, I think Aggie was as upset as we were and mourned his passing as we did. Dad adored her and I will always remain grateful to Aggie for the peace of mind she gave us.


    Pam Frost
    September, 2009

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